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  • GuccizBud. commented on sarCastro's instructable Credit Card SD Holder1 month ago
    Credit Card SD Holder

    There are plastic cards that size, available for free, by the ton, in every developed country. Every coffee place, donut shop, dollar store, etc, etc, has its own gift card nowadays. Some have a preprogrammed amount while others don't. If you're looking at the ones that don't have a preset amount then they will usually be at the counter or cash, usually without any type of packaging, and you can just grab a few. If on the other hand the amount is on them then they'll usually be on a revolving rack and will be individually packaged. Those cards only work when they're activated at the point of sale, so they have no value other than a couple cents worth of plastic when they're on the rack, and here, again, there's nothing to stop you from grabbing a few.

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