• Date JoinedJun 18, 2008


plasmaspy8 years ago
mmmmmm so wheres this newly built rifle?
H3lloPeople (author)  plasmaspy8 years ago
what the sl9? Its still a work in progress, can you believe it i'm one piece away from making the magazine work... 1 piece. You know the black piece that looks like a semi decapitated grey connector? Gotta find one.
H3lloPeople (author)  plasmaspy8 years ago
Ok, just got it working (sacrificed a grey piece). Now I'm just thinking of what accessories I should put on it. Oh and power, needs more power!
powers always good =]
H3lloPeople (author)  plasmaspy8 years ago
Yeah, I'm just gonna assume everyone has at least some strength in their arm to pull back a rubber band.

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