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DJ Radio7 years ago
I wonder why Miley Cyrus is your avatar?
Camisado8 years ago
Hey, I'm 12, born in 1996. It's ggod to see younger I'blers here.
OH yeaaahhhhh..... Kid powahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Easy Button9 years ago
Hey are you a girl? and i'm eleven to cool!
it sad call me dave and i think it the same hbf as the guy who make the rbg guns
no ifigured it out thats hanha montana
dont you mean miley and do you watch the show (i do)
Ya,thats what i meant i sometimes watch it.
cool most people i kow hate it
i love it its pretty good jackson is real funny! but mily is smokin
yeah she is soooooooooo fine i think lily is hot
yep lily pretty fit................................... but miley is soooooooo damn cute
i know i like lola better (shes emo)
i can understand since you wer former but milys got a nice face n cheeks.