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Great instructables, keep making more!
Your mighty welcome!
Have a great day!
Your mighty welcome!
Have a great day!
Now you've got some amazing projects!!!....

loved the Sombrero-LED-man!!!...

Keep up the good work!!. :D
vmars3162 years ago
I like your avatar.
Is that an actual picture of clouds or contrived pic?
HHarry (author)  vmars3162 years ago
It is a picture of cloud formations after a big summer storm.
vmars316 HHarry2 years ago
What is the actual size of your picture.
I would love to have a copy of that.
vmars3162 years ago
Your avatar kinda looks like it is grayish
but actually it has 5113 colors.
HHarry (author)  vmars3162 years ago
Cool, how did you do that?
vmars316 HHarry2 years ago
I wrote a little windows program (in HotBasic)
that takes your image file
and scans every single bit
and tallys each color used.
The most used color is in (top)row 1 , (leftmost)column 1.
Going from left to rignt, top down.
The least used color is in last row , last column.

You can download it here:
click on FREEWARE
Then click on hbPalette.
Then at bottom of screen see DOWNLOAD button.

I am always surprised at how many colors an image actually has.

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