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  • Make a Glow Stick Reaction Using Real Chemicals

    Don't know how many Q&A I have read on this board today. My my own perspective is just buy the cheap glo-sticks at Walmart. I know a lot of young, or new to this subject are jacked up, and are almost ready to start the manufacturing process. it is advisable you entertain a few questions. Do you really want to handle chemicals that WILL kill you, in your home, or will pollute the air in close proximity to your family? If you think yes, well then read on Bubba.

    I don't see any of the other reply's for these questions. Are they hidden for a reason, "Here I am being nice", or do you have to join DIY to see them?

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  • HalH1 commented on foodplotsurvival's instructable Building A Rocket Stove For The Cabin10 months ago
    Building A Rocket Stove For The Cabin

    Four Dogs Company makes excellent tent stoves out of Titanium. I thought they would be too expensive, but the prices aren't that bad, and for a full setup for several people weighs about fifteen pounds. It made me think, why not build one out of sheet Aluminum. The boiling point is somewhere around 2000 degrees. If you can make a box out of sheet aluminum, it is a project that is doable. Use rivets, a small stainless hinge, hole saw for the air going in, and for the vent pipe, and 4" stove pipe with a slit in the side for a damper. I personally would have to do some homework on getting the air vented to the outside, and some kind of spark arrestor.

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