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dan moulton8 years ago
The great thing about Instructables is the diversity ...loading all your videos at once ruins that big time. I don't have a problem with the content , just load one a week or something.
Dan Moulton: Considering you haven't contributed even one instructable to the site, you shouldn't be the one talking about diversity. This person has obviously gone through a lot of effort to create videos and post them, yet the only thing you can do is complain. If limiting the number of uploads per week was the policy of Instructables, they themselves would implement and enforce it -- not you. However, this isn't their policy and you have no place to tell anyone how much or what types of content to upload, let alone on what time scale. Loading many videos at once regarding one particular type or genre of instructable is NOT diminishing the diversity, but rather INCREASING it by the mere fact that there is now more content than before, even if the new content is all regarding one particular subject. You are not required to view any of the content on this site, so what difference does it make to you if someone posts multiple entries within any given subject? Had you made and posted ten different videos about bicycling or being a New Zealander or whatever, you wouldn't want someone to criticize you simply because you took care of posting all of your content all at once, would you?? No, of course not, especially if you had taken the time to make very nice, professional-looking videos of projects that you had obviously spent a considerable amount of time working on.

Handmade Kitchens: I commend you on your cooking abilities and your dedication to posting new content on this site. I am also working on several instructables at once and I fully intend to post them all at the same time. As you've found out the hard way, there are plenty of people on here that do not contribute to the content on the site, but are more than willing to complain about that which others post. Try not to worry overly about the complaints of the simpletons and hypocrites on this site. I certainly don't!