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  • Creating a ReadyMedia (formerly MiniDLNA) Media Server With a Raspberry Pi

    Hello, your tutorial works fantastically however two changes that are needed in order for it to work properly are as follows:When you talk about using ntfs-3g for an NTFS file system is correct, however you first need to install the ntfs-3g package by using the command 'sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g' for it to properly work. And secondly you said made a typing error when putting in these commands for people to usesudo service minidlnarestart sudo service minidlna force-reloadIt's a simple fix and to you and I we may understand that it is just an error, but to people new to Linux they may not know what's going on. (Being that the commands are 'sudo service minidlna restart' and 'sudo service minidlna force-reload')But other than those two details, great first instructable!

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