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  • Hbkiwi12 commented on Beetlesmart's instructable Bleeding Puppy Cake Fail2 years ago
    Bleeding Puppy Cake Fail

    thank you, I needed a laugh today. As a parent of 9 and 13 years olds, I remember the early days when just the littlest thing set them off especially in group settings. I did a kitty themed party once with the litter box cake/tootsie roll poo one year and not one kid touched it (should have been boys 7-9 year old cake instead of a girls cake...), you learn. Anyone whose not around little guys may not get how seriously wrong this went for you, but man you made my day! Thanks for posting!

    I also put it in a new, never used cat litter box, served with a new never used cat litter scooper... I was going for the cool factor... Only got the "ewwwwwww" factor. I like your take on your knife functionality as well - cutting and serving in one. Even though you've gotten some interesting comments (must have been a slow day:-) it ended in a great tip for me!

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