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Aug. 9, 2015
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  • A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    Kiteman, I too have lost a number of family members (9 to be exact) & 6 very close friends to various forms of cancer.However, for you to say that "nutrition" is not a significant factor is not only disrespectful & insulting to those of us who do know it is vital, but to those few doctors & nurses that do realize & know how vitally important it is. Proper & good nutrition helps build & maintain the immune system. The immune system is what keeps us alive. If the immune system is compromised by radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments or anything else, a person becomes neutropenic, which means no immune system to fight off bacteria or viral infection, even a common cold, and without the proper nutrition to help rebuild the immune system, you will die. There are several foods out there that can in fact help people build/repair their immune system. Wheat grass for example can help repair/rebuild one's immune system due to its amazing properties, and the nutrients within the wheat grass are nothing less than amazing.Radiation & chemotherapy are not a form of nutrition. It is chemicals, deadly chemicals. What people don't seem to realize is, that doctors tell you that radiation & chemotherapy are needed to kill the cancer cell, but what is more often not said is, that radiation & chemotherapy may or may not in fact kill the cancerous tumor, but it also kills off all the other good cells too, and that is fact.

    Vandiesel, I am very sorry for your loss. I hope & pray that you & your family are able to find some comfort in the memories you shared & hold of your Dad.What sickens me about the medical field these days is the fact that the majority of the doctors just don't care. Numerous times during my brothers stay in the hospital, I asked & even told them to send a nutritionist to see my brother to build a menu to help boost his immune system, while all the time they agreed it was very important but yet did nothing.

    mthembu, Nutrition may be a part of the medical training in South Africa, but I know first hand that MAYBE 1 semester if that is spent studying nutrition during the 8-10 yrs of a doctors studies & internship. I know this to be true not only from my direct dealings & discussions with doctors, but because on both sides of my family, I have family members in various fields of medicine that also say the same thing.It is true that there is an obesity problem world wide, but to say it all depends on how serious a person is about loosing wait really is the wrong thing to say. A person can really want to loose weight, but due to not only their diet, any hereditary issues, one's own health issues or even medications they may be on can & will prevent that person from being able to lose weight.

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  • A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    Actually mickryobe.......... I am a type 2 diabetic, and do fast every now & then and it has not affected me in any way whatsoever, and I have been doing it for several years now. I monitor my BG and my lab tests don't show any abnormalties which would affect my diabetes. My question to you though mickryobe is, are you diabetic? Don't you think this is a matter that is best to be used & discussed between doctor & diabetic patient and not analyzed & commented on by someone who isn't qualified to make such a remark?

    CherylL51, I just lost my brother to Acute Mylogenous Leukemia. During his stay in a VA Hospital (Aug 2014-Jun 2015, I tried so hard to get all my brothers doctors to highly focus on the Nutritional aspect to help my brothers body/immune system help him fight & heal itself. All the doctors I talked to agreed that nutrition was a very important factor but did nothing to ensure that would take place. I point blanked asked one of the Oncology doctors if during any part of their education Nutrition was taught & discussed. The reply I got was, Nutrition was briefly discussed during 1 semester in all of the 8-10 years of their education & internship. So to say that the majority of the doctors today rely heavily on pharmaceuticals & their manufacturing companies is indeed a highly accurate statement. They are not interested in healing you, but instead masking the problem with medication that will subdue. Healing hits & affect the pocket book of not only the doctor, but the pharmaceutical companies as well.

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