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pinq6 years ago
Thanks for a great instructable!
My 10 year old daughter and I learned how to make the roses from your 'ible for a trade fair at school. She sold out of her roses, plus the art teacher asked her to teach her how to make one so that the teacher could teach it for art classes. It was great! (I also appreciated the time we spent together.)
Herrozerro (author)  pinq5 years ago
that's great to hear!

This can be taken as a art class for my kid. Thank you for following me.

Metal4God9 years ago
Mario RULZ! Zelda sux
Herrozerro (author)  Metal4God9 years ago
Both are good. You cant put two nintento characters against eachother like that.
yes i canBTW post you red/with/black wallet I want one!
Herrozerro (author)  Metal4God9 years ago
No you cant. Maybe ill make more :P Mostly their just my personal Wallets.
oh i want the red one!
zelda would beat down mario. 1st of all though, Zelda is a girl. Link is a female, and in that case mario would still lose. 1 link has sword 2 link has bow 3 link has fire outfit to withstand heat 4link has a shild to block attacks. booyah!
sev17 Kaiven7 years ago
well excuse me but neither would win. no they would get into it then sonic would swoop down to attack, get squished by godzilla, godzilla would be killed by chuck norris, who in turn would be killed by batman, who would get killed by iron man, who would get killed by yoda. then a 1up mushroom would shine its awesome nesssness and they would all poof into inexistence
get a life.jpgmario.jpgmaster yoda.jpg
Kaiven sev177 years ago
Lolz. You lied though, Chuck Norris cannot die. The only thing that can cut Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris. If he could somehow fight himself, he would be the winner.
sev17 Kaiven7 years ago
and the loser
Kaiven sev177 years ago
It's a joke.. He can't lose. He always wins.
sev17 Kaiven7 years ago
i know lol. but iron man is better
sev17 sev177 years ago
and the 1up mushroom of death....... well we'll leave this discusion here lol :)