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I built the luna mod looper and it works fine..EXCEPT there is NO instruction for how to hook up the on/off switch. I dont know a lot about arduino chips in particular so maybe im missing something but still....ALSO id like to add the LFO pot and found some references on arduino.cc DDS synth message board about one but the code is different and some reverb and ring mod sketches too, but they are sampling the audio off a1 and so forth (since a1 is a POT controlling the sound here that wouldnt work)..is there any place I can find something I can just cut and paste in and then add a Potentiometer to one of the other analog inputs to control?
Higgs Boson (author)  the new voodoo3 years ago
To hook up the on/off switch you just wire a switch between the positive end of the input jack and the Vin pin on the arduino. I have been very busy lately so I haven't really done much more with the luna mod, and I can't guarantee that I will be able to get an LFO working, but in the coming months I may find some time to try it. In the mean time you should give it a go, and let me know how it turns out.
freeza364 years ago
wait you are 15?
freeza364 years ago
i found out how to redeem my pro-ness
Higgs Boson (author) 4 years ago
What exactly are you referring to the particle my username is, then yes the Higg's Boson particle (which is supposed to cause mass), is supposed to create a mass causing field (sort of like magnetic fields) which gives objects mass.

Do you study physics such as Quantum Mechanics?
Higgs Boson (author)  blinkyblinky4 years ago
not exactly it is one of my interests, so I read up on it a lot. I don't really have the resources to study it, but I'm hoping that will change.
Barnes and Noble has a large selection of Quantum Mechanics and Physics books. Also, Nova on PBS had a few Physics shows known as the Fabric of the Cosmos.

Do you know what Lenz's law is? I have read multiple articles on it but have no idea why or even how it works.

Higgs Boson (author)  blinkyblinky4 years ago
Lenz's law is sort of like an extension of newtons third law. It states that any electromagnetic field should have a equal opposite reaction. So lets do a thought experiment. imagine a coil of copper wire. We know that if you were to move a magnet in or around it it would induce a current within the coil. We also know that if there is an electric current then there is a magnetic field (this is known as Faraday's law). So, when you move the magnet through the coil it induces a current through the coil, which will then, because of Faraday's law, create a magnetic field that is opposite to that of the magnet, and repel the magnet. In this way, electromagnetism can sort of follow newtons third law!
Thank you.
Have you ever heard of the Higgs field???