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Connecticut, USA
Aug. 31, 2007
I'm a reluctantly divorced woman of a certain age who enjoys learning new things. I've been baking since I was a kid. I had a kid's cookbook and I remember baking chocolate chip cookies when I was 8 years old. I've brewed beer made yogurt and bread. I love anything with chocolate! I enjoy reading science fiction. I have a wonderful sewing/...
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  • Black Magic Hidden Pumpkin Bread

    What a great idea. As a long time baker I wouldn't mix up the second black batch until the first one is baked, cooled & cut out. The mix has baking soda in it and will work better if it isn't mixed ahead of time and left to sit for an hour. From King Arthur Flour's website:Baking soda works by reacting with the naturally acidic ingredients in a dough or batter (e.g., buttermilk, sour cream, citrus juice or, less obvious, brown sugar, chocolate, or molasses). It releases most of its gas immediately when combined with an acid and moisture, and a bit more when heated. Try to get a baking soda dough into the oven as quickly as you can, as it begins losing its leavening ability as soon as it's mixed.I also noticed in your photos that the pumpkin in the center looks to be a bit scorched on the bottom. I'd put a layer of the black down and settle the pumpkins in it and then add the rest of the black mix. Very creative! I voted for it!!

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  • HollyHarken commented on Nick70587's instructable Home Defense Mace2 months ago
    Home Defense Mace

    Beautiful! Ingenious idea for finding the center of the ball and then building the drill press jig. This has me thinking, and thinking. My grandfather-in-law used to make these beautiful Styrofoam balls with Chrismas lights in them. I can see using your method to mark the ball. Sadly he didn't leave instructions on how to make these beautiful light balls. I'm not about to take mine apart to figure it out. Your ible gives me some ideas on how he made them. He was a machinist so he knew how to do the math.

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  • Amazing Homemade Pizza Dough

    Thanks Matt for the recipe! I've often asked our local pizzeria for their dough recipe as it is so good. They've always refused to give it to me. I'm an experienced bread and pizza maker so I plan on giving your recipe a try. I use my Kitchen Aid mixer and dough hook to make my bread dough's as it is faster and easier for me to make dough. I start by adding the dry ingredients to the bowl, give it a mix and then add the wet. Since the yeast is well insulated in the flour I don't have to worry about my water being too hot. I've always pre-baked my pizza dough on a stone before adding my toppings and baking to finish the pizza. According to your recipe you said that you had some flour left over. How much would you say you have left?

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  • HollyHarken commented on Paige Russell's instructable Best Stain Remover3 months ago
    Best Stain Remover

    My boyfriend love to work on cars and always wipes his dirty, greasy hands on the back of his pants. I've found that soaking his clothes in a mixture of Dawn dish soap and Oxy Clean in a bucket does a great job of cleaning off the automotive grease. Prior to that I was using tons of hand sanitizer as that works too. The Dawn/Oxy Clean combo are my go to cleaners now, oh and a 5 gallon bucket to soak them in :)

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