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The Juliart1 month ago

Wanted to say thank you and say I love your work.


mpmuebles4 months ago

You do really pretty things. thank you for sharing them.

Honus (author)  mpmuebles4 months ago


FredS24 months ago

I love your DIY CNC page. Very nice. Just what I was looking for.

Honus (author)  FredS24 months ago
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Spottedfeather10 months ago

I was just reading your instructable about how to make a Green Lantern ring. Is it possible to make the lantern symbol on the ring white, while leaving the rest of the ring green ?

hola quisiera ayuda con mi proyecto de un musculo de aire nesceito los materiales para un exoesqueleto gracias de antemano

Thanks for following!!
Thanks! Love your stuff too!
jonnylee1 year ago
Hello, I can ask you a few questions? On the bike. Reply Please Thank you for your
McNopants132 years ago
love your work my friend

and i fully agree that costume and prop building can teach you a world of wonders and vast knowledge its how I learned many amazing skills and I am thankful for that knowledge everyday.

can't wait to see what you come up with next.

what programs do you use when designing some of your pieces?
Honus (author)  McNopants132 years ago
Thanks! I've got some neat costume projects going on right now but it'll still be a bit before they're done. I rough out all my ideas on paper first- sometimes I fill entire sketchbooks with just one project working out different construction methods and design details. For software I use a few different programs, most of which are free.

For 3D design there's Blender and 123d

For electronics I use Eagle for PCB design and Fritzing for drawing schematics

For drawing on the computer I use SketchBook Pro

One program I've found extremely useful for designing linkages and mechanical systems that move is ForceEffect Motion

Just let me know if you have any other questions!
Wow bud, you have some crazy stuff! I admire all the great information you put out there!