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Amazing work on the headphone to bluetooth wireless conversion. Looking forward to your next instructable ;)

get.voxoa1 year ago

Check out Kickstarter project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2116595848/the-btunes-plug-in-pure-wireless-hifi-sound

SaNtY4Tas3 years ago
hi Man, I have a nice Wesc Heahphones and I want to make this! Bcause I want to connecte my iPhone with bluethoot to my headphones. In the tutorial I understood that your bluethoot can be used for call too. I just want make this to listen music, no more...this will can work just for listen music? I try to search this bluethoot receiver but isn't there, u can say me how I can search and where I can buy some like this (mini receiver)

Thanks man!
Hotwired89 (author)  SaNtY4Tas3 years ago

Pretty much all Bluetooth Receivers have some sort of headset feature so that you could use it to talk on the phone. You can still use them to listen to music however!!!

I've found one for you called the "Jabra CLIPPER" !! Just search that in google to find a seller. You could also search "bluetooth receiver headphone" or "bluetooth headphone". Keep in mind what ever you want to buy that you can unplug the headphones that come with it and simply use your own! Otherwise the whole idea is defeated.

Good Luck!
:) so faster! man! thanks! I going to be in the task of searching this clipper! If I had luck I'll comment you may be for othe reason of help :) Thanks!