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    first of all lifting weights does not stunt your growth it's a myth, it actually will promote testosterone growth and promote the pituitary glad. It's been medically proven! As far as joints, proper diet, plenty of omega and fish oil, will combat joint wear. An acidic lifestyle tears joints... So why is he doing this the same reason I do the same resistance training stamina building and strength training...So as far as material and solutions... I bought a pair of ballistic mesh pants, available in any tactical store for about $23... I took ballistic thread and sewed 2 sets of 20lb ankle weights one at ankle height another at calf height 3 more above the knee mid thigh upper thigh... I purchased a 80lb weighted belt and I own a 100lb weighted vest 20lb ankle weights at wrist and forearm... And I do boxing routines for a half hour and then a walk on the treadmill for an hr.

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