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  • IanL9 commented on jesseben's instructable The Metal Snake1 year ago
    The Metal Snake

    An anvil would really help with this. I had to use a solid aluminum block instead, which took longer.

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  • IanL9 commented on chocolatebrownies's instructable How to colour steel with HEAT1 year ago
    How to colour steel with HEAT

    I have a plain stainless steel necklace that I plan on bluing. I'm just wondering if the metal clasp components or links may break due to heating. (penny for scale)It would probably be heated anywhere from 490-600 degrees for a spectrum of the different colors. it was only 8 bucks but I'd rather not break it.

    A few months ago i turned a nail blue (didn't use the quenching process, as I hadn't seen these instructions at the time) and the color seems to be very visible in daylight, I think because of the color temperature.

    he said he used metal containers, those plastic ones were just as an example to display the liquids.

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