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  • IbrahimK33 commented on nivenenna's instructable Motion Detection Alarm System 12 months ago
    Motion Detection Alarm System

    and how to do this step,what it meansGo to the directory where the generated JAR file is located

    hi all,i am a student.i had made the 8 steps and it works on my laptop ,it had sent a message to my email,but i need help in the last steps .to use the raspberry pi. camfirst the computer must be joined with the raspberry by an Ethernet cable.2,what to do ??3- i can send a video stream from the raspberry pi to the internet ,i cant use thatplz a help ,any ethernet cable can be used or there must be a special one.

    i am so thankful for ur reply mrs.nivenenna 1-i had moved the file by using a USB to the raspberry pi.2- you can see in the picture there is a problems with my code.3-why we are using the Ethernet cable.thank you ,i must do it. :) with your help Mrs.Nivenenna.

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  • Mobile Station prototype for Environmental Data Capture ("a Mars Rover emulator")

    Hi Mr.MjrovaiKindly note that i am trying to make your Project ,i am student and i am making it for the university.if i had faced any problem ,can i ask you about it .

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