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  • IdaJ2 commented on blakhatt's instructable Repair a Malfunctioning LCD1 year ago
    Repair a Malfunctioning LCD

    When I found my old calculator that had not been used the last 13 years and noticed that a battery change was not helping I thought its time was over. The screen did not want to display the whole numbers, only part of them was working. But I googled the problem and found this guide and decided to give it a try. I opened it up and found the striped cable leading to the screen. Took a hairdryer and warmed the edges up. Pressed with the backside of a pencil and repeated a couple of times and to my surprise I got it working again! Great success! Thanks alot for the guide! Without it the calculator would be in the trash allready. A shame, when it turned out to be such an "easy" fix! All the best, greetings from Sweden!

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