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giselipr2 years ago

Do you sell the Friends frame? I've looked at Ebay and Amazon and they are too expensive!

Igloo Studio (author)  giselipr2 years ago

I'm sorry Giselipr i don't sell them. I would have to charge as much as Amazon to make it worth my time.

Mine cost me $8 plus time, effort, enthusiasm and creativity. I'll make you a deal. If you make one and post some pictures on the inscrutable, i will happily send you $8 for the glue and paint. Therefore, your frame will be free and by making it yourself you will have gained so many things that have no monetary value. The most important of which will be an awesome Friends Picture Frame! Am i right?!

'If you can build, don't buy it. If you cant build it, learn how.' Its a simplistic notion but has saved me thousands of dollars and has shaped my life more than any other idea.

Kind Regards

english tea

Thanks for the comment. I'll try to do it... but I am not that talented!! I'm afraid it's going to look a LITTLE different!!! ; )
Igloo Studio (author)  giselipr2 years ago

Then it will be unique! Unique is fantastic! Good Luck

ha... Thanks a lot for your support! I'll come back when I finish my work of art! : )