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  • IlanE1 commented on Proto G's instructable Advanced Plasma Arc Speaker7 months ago
    Advanced Plasma Arc Speaker

    Color me impressed! THX!

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  • IlanE1 commented on jenfoxbot's instructable How to Use a (Simple) Oscilloscope!11 months ago
    How to Use a (Simple) Oscilloscope!

    You must always be mindful of the maximum voltage you're allowed to put into the 'scope's probe. Lets assume it says MAX V IN 12V peak-to-peak. You'd build a voltage divider made of two resistors [preferably in the 10s of Kohms range, so that they don't heat too much], so that you divide your 120VAC, which reaches peaks of 170V into parts, say one that is 19/20 of the total and one that is 1/20 of the total. On the smaller resistor you'll have the same waveform, but only some 8.4 V peak-to-peak, and you can connect your 'scope probe across this resistor to display.

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  • IlanE1 commented on balsuryana's instructable From Old Motors Into Signal Booster11 months ago
    From Old Motors Into Signal Booster

    Don't outright knock this. For most of the readers, cellular coverage is such that one never needs any help. Perhaps in areas where the signal is truly marginal, the copper coils serve as a kind of focusing repeater [plucking more micro-watts of signal off the air, and re-emitting them in a small area]. If coils placement is lucky, there may be a measurable effect. The burning is hokum, and the location is a matter of luck, rather than proximity to the SIM.

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  • IlanE1 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 11 unusual uses for straws11 months ago
    11 unusual uses for straws

    "remember to not cut more tone holes than you have fingers to cover" - that's great turn of phrase

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