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  • Custom Uncle owen and Aunt Beru Star Wars charred body figure.

    He didn't ruin your childhood. The prequel trilogy did that.

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  • ImanAzol commented on Ryan271828's instructable Restore an old knife1 year ago
    Restore an old knife

    I'm 98% sure that's walnut, not rosewood, especially if that's US or European made.You made a good knife clean and functional again. Well done.That's good enough for a using knife with no historical value, but I hope no one ever takes a sandblaster or paper to a valuable antique.

    Incorrect. At least as far back as the Viking Era, blades were either polished bright or left to patinate.The chemicals used for bluing are toxic and should never be used on a blade meant for food.And you can still get rust through bluing. The phosphate or oxide (depending on chemicals) only works to slow corrosion slightly, and as a retention surface for oil.

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