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  • Disassemble and Reload a 110 Film Cartridge

    thanks for the reply! the camera is a pentax auto 110 that my boyfriend's dad gave me. he kind of treated it like a useless relic of the 80s and i was like NO IT IS PERFECT.The cartridge I took apart was expired lomography 200 color. The backing paper is fine, I'm just lazy. I see what you are saying: I'd have to keep track of the exposures if I didn't reload with paper (not ideal for a lazy person such as myself). I want to reload with b/w film i can develop at home--usually I use Ilford HP5+ 400 in caffenol c. I'm pretty comfortable slitting it down in the dark. But I really like the idea of using microfilm that's already 16mm wide. I love contrast, but I'm worried about the low ISO because the shutter speed on the pentax is automatic.

    Thanks for the great tutorial! so far i've got to emptying the cartridge and cutting the cartridge apart. Could I reload it without the backing paper if I put a strip of black vinyl tape over the window that the numbers show through? (does the film advance fine without the paper?)

    i keep losing the pentax lens cap tho it's so tiny

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