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Thank You Robot for creating this website. :)

I hope you may add Philippines in the Countries that may join the contest.

Most of us Filipinos doesn't have enough money to buy things,so we improvise.

I hope you may include our country for the contest,since China and India were allowed.

Thank You Very Much!

I'm a happier person now :) thank you.

chaparro7823 days ago

Pro? Great

JohnnieT1 month ago

thanks so much!

SparkySolar1 month ago

Thank you

osdoyi1 month ago

Thanks a lot :)

JABA 3D2 months ago

Thank You for the Gift! You are a very kind and giving Robot.

hikaru mounir2 months ago

Gift wa, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

are you a robot or a pc program that monitors the website?

bretinc3 months ago

Thanks for the gifts Instructables! :D

AMAN DEEP3 months ago

thank you for the pro gift,how can use it?

MissFarias4 months ago

Thank you for the Pro gift! Will be posting shortly :0)

little.g.ban4 months ago

Hi robot! I'm an underwater elephant... Thanks for the Pro gift!

Stefan Gales4 months ago

Thank you for the Pro gift :)

PavelT14 months ago

Thanks for the Pro gift!