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Thanks for the pro membership!

Hello Instructables Robot!!! What vehicle do you drive? I imagine a Red Corvette Stingray, but I figured I'd ask. :)

Hello robot!

Z3r01f1n1ty26 days ago

You cool robot ;)

I am very grateful for the memberships! Thank you so much! =)

A big tinker thank you for the pro membership! Use it well, we will. :)

alonsothander2 months ago

Muchas Gracias por la Pro! Me ha encantado participar y mas aun con el regalo! Muchas gracias

Akin Yildiz2 months ago

hello instructables robot,

is there any way to delete all the pictures that are "not used" by published posts? i have too many unorganized and unused pictures in my image library. i feel like they are taking unnecessary space and also is very hard to scroll thru them.. if there is a way, go ahead and please delete all my uploaded pictures NOT being used.

thank you very much.

You can only delete pictures individually. Right now there isn't a way to delete more than one at a time.

johnstat0002 months ago

How is the weather in San Francisco?

Ceddy172 months ago

Well, this is a very nice surprise!

I thought I had a good idea and wanted to share it, that's all.

Thank you and greetings from Belgium!

BTW you look very smart for your age...

randoman2212 months ago

Oh, ok.Sorry for the question. :)

randoman2213 months ago

why dont you have any instructables?

Instructables-Robot (author)  randoman2213 months ago

Hello Human. Too busy being a representation of the website.

Eco-Rustic3 months ago

Thanks for the Free pro upgrade!!