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hello robot! thank you for the pro gifts......

RbotJ7 days ago

Thank you Robot, will enjoy the author gift pack.


JM199922 days ago

Robot seems broken :( what happened?

Thank you robot!!!

SuperPollo29 days ago

Thanks for the pro membership!!! I appreciate it a lot =D

Tinkercaptain3 months ago

A big tinker thank you for the pro membership! Use it well, we will. :)

feel the force!! :P

Sorunome1 month ago

What happend to your dear friend Instructables+Robot?

Thatdan1 month ago

hey I was wondering do you sell any kind of merchandise shirts hats I would love to buy some

thanks a lot and i wash i can help and make better things

Filipp2 months ago

Thanks for the pro membership!

Dakota Joel982 months ago

Hello Instructables Robot!!! What vehicle do you drive? I imagine a Red Corvette Stingray, but I figured I'd ask. :)

Hello robot!

Z3r01f1n1ty2 months ago

You cool robot ;)