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nancyjohns1 month ago

I think that you're in south eastern Kansas. Am I right?

Hi nancyjones. I reside in Cobourg Ontario which, you may know, is in Canada, just north of the great lakes. There are multiple people with MY name in the U.S., although I don't complain about it as it is a good name! I had resided in Poughkeepsie N.Y. for about 9-10 years, but being retired, I am back home.

Sorry nancyjohns, I answered your note in error, when you were actually addressing the GREAT ROBOT. My apologies for butting in as well as getting you handle wrong !

KittyKat0422 days ago

Oh. are you really 110 years of age?

Sorry KittyKat04, I answered your question in error as you were talking to our ROBOT buddy. She, unlike me is truly 110.

dear KittyKat04..., no I am 79 and 7 months of age, which admittedly is close to 110. Why do you ask? I do make instructables and have two mosaic articles in draft mode, which I probably will not complete as they are complicated to execute unless you are very experienced. I also have two more that I am working on that will be published, as they represent my entry into arduino coding, and are quite basic but interesting to a wider audience.

!@#$%^&*() AWESOMENESS

KittyKat0422 days ago

don't mind me asking, but do you make Instructables. if not can you please tell me why?


thanx! :-)


animeguard2 months ago


Thank you robot, you are quite generous.

concowinjin2 months ago

if I'm not a pro member for over five years now, then give me my money back.

Honus Wagner4 months ago

Thank You Robot for creating this website. :)

I hope you may add Philippines in the Countries that may join the contest.

Most of us Filipinos doesn't have enough money to buy things,so we improvise.

I hope you may include our country for the contest,since China and India were allowed.

Thank You Very Much!

Marvellous me4 months ago

I'm a happier person now :) thank you.