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AlexAndAmigos2 months ago

oh, and why are you 111? should you not be as old as the site?

maybe it is in binary code 111 in binary= 22 + 2 + 1 =7


AlexAndAmigos2 months ago

Hello Instructables robot. Do you know anything of the instructables shadow robot? Apparently he is your brother

Jan H3 months ago

Thank you very much for the pro membership!! :)

sdiwan4 months ago

Thanks for the robot tee.

many many thanks for being awesome ;-))

taloskriti5 months ago

Thank you very much for featuring my project and for the Pro membership!

maria_AI6 months ago

thank you for the Pro membership!!

Mr.Sanchez7 months ago


tisaconundrum8 months ago

You're a cool robot. I aspire to be as roboty and awesome as you

Firebolts9 months ago

How do I get this free pro membership you speak of.

By buying it or by making a really good Instructable that the staff "feature", Check out Instructables member: "Kiteman" 's orangeboard

Hope this helps a bit :)

Thank you for the pro membership. You're a gentlebot and a scholar.

AdrieSentosa9 months ago

Thanks for 1 year pro memberships. thanks a lot