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Hinkiepunk3 days ago

i love u!!!

hello robot! thank you for the pro gifts......

RbotJ10 days ago

Thank you Robot, will enjoy the author gift pack.

twilightfox10 days ago


JM199925 days ago

Robot seems broken :( what happened?

Thank you robot!!!

SuperPollo1 month ago

Thanks for the pro membership!!! I appreciate it a lot =D

Tinkercaptain3 months ago

A big tinker thank you for the pro membership! Use it well, we will. :)

feel the force!! :P

Sorunome1 month ago

What happend to your dear friend Instructables+Robot?

Thatdan1 month ago

hey I was wondering do you sell any kind of merchandise shirts hats I would love to buy some

ahmicmahmoud2 months ago

thanks a lot and i wash i can help and make better things

Filipp2 months ago

Thanks for the pro membership!

Dakota Joel982 months ago

Hello Instructables Robot!!! What vehicle do you drive? I imagine a Red Corvette Stingray, but I figured I'd ask. :)

Hello robot!