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  • How to Sharpen Used and Dull Drill Bits (By Hand!!)

    PLEASE...!!!All is very nice but please...!!! Do not forget the safety/protection equipment (cotton gloves and polycarbonate glasses).

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  • IvanC94 commented on mtobin4's instructable All-in-one PC Build (Luggable PC)1 year ago
    All-in-one PC Build (Luggable PC)

    If you use laptops only for see emails, I agree.I have been user of laptops all my life and they are troublesome for heat management and high end subsystems (as graphics) are expensive and poor performance. Nothing compared with a desktop.Additionally, you can NOT add any except memory and external devices, some of them admit an unnecessary secondary HD.Having a portable reliable and fast desktop is interesting for engineers (I am one of them), armed forces (they have own desk top portable designs) and gamers. Unfortunately there is nothing commercially in the market.

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