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  • IvliaB commented on blkhawk's instructable House built with plastic and glass bottles2 months ago
    House built with plastic and glass bottles

    Except cement/concrete buildings built by the Romans over 2000 years ago are still standing, and in the case of one combined earthquake/flood the roman built concrete bridge was the ONLY building left standing. All the modern ones were ruins.

    Ask all your friends to save their empty plastic water and soda bottles. You'll be surprised how fast the pile grows and you're helping the recycling effort as well.

    See my comment above. Watch a series call Grand Designs available on YouTube and look for the episode that involves an entire house built from glass bottles and mud/concrete. The presenter is both an architect and an engineer and knows his stuff. If you are interested at all in this kind of building you need to watch this series, though as it's been on TV in the UK for 15 years you will have a number of episodes to sort through, but it's well worth it and very informative.

    Look on YouTube for a series called Grand Designs. In there you will f ind some houses built using bottles and another built using used car tires. They show you exactly how they are built and go from plot of ground to finished project being lived in. May answer some of your questions. Is certainly done in Europe as the above programme shows.

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  • IvliaB commented on GLOB_Youtube's instructable Cardboard Tube Bird Feeder 3 months ago
    Cardboard Tube Bird Feeder

    Sounds like a great idea but what to the birds cling on to while trying to feed. Plus, in my garden it would last about 2min before the food was gone and I had to replace it. A full plastic version of this with mixed seed on the inside gets emptied daily, and that only caters for a few varieties of birds. I won't mention all the others we feed.Yes, we live in the countryside but feeding the birds is great for the parents feeding chicks and for the chicks themselves when they first leave the nest. It also provides hours of entertainment for our house cat.

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