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Dec. 1, 2008
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  • LED Tape - Under Cabinet Lighting - No soldering!

    I used staples not glue

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    Yes i know how much work it is. I work in a company with 35000 employees and make elearning courses.among other things. Things like reverse engineering and adapting useful ideas and courses for our puposes.With every post you make, you sounds more and more like your name is Ron Paulk.Maybe i make soon my first instructable with free plans.

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  • IzNoGuD commented on mtieleman's instructable MTI-workbench3 months ago

    Ron Paulk you have "invented" a workbench years ago, OK. And for years you are beating a dead horse! In every youtube video "Ron Paulk: Designer of the Paulk Workbench""Ron Paulk: Designer of the Awsome rolling Wayntraintoolbox""Ron Paulk: Designer of the Whaterver Station"For this reasons i had cancelled my subscription to your youtube channel. I always waitet for "as seen on TV". I cant hear it anymore, its so annoying!You act like Apple! You also copied parts from other workbenches an claim that you invented all alone. Benchdogholes an Clampingholes and all this things where inventetd long long before you lived.Do you have a patend on this workbench?Ok, mtilemans workbench is a simillar AND IMPROVED design.His workbenchsize is much better for the Homeworkshop, yours for the professional.He should mentioned your workbench in his instructable, OK.IMHO on this instructable (helping) site is no place to take money for plans.Takeing money for an explanation, an instructable, an plan is not helping, its selling!I hope he puts the Plans online again, i consider to build it for my small garage.

    maybe it was insulting, english is not my first languagebut is it not true? He took various ideas put it together and sell it as "HIS" invention.A Mathias Wandel is a true inventor, not a Ron Paulk.

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