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JaimiLynne6 years ago
 All your lacing instructables are awesome :) It totally helps that I have the same shoes :)
J@50n (author)  JaimiLynne6 years ago
Haha thanks!
Nice i have the fujifilm s5000 it takes graet pics and if you you buy a mini tripod you can take nice closeups so just saying it rocks.
Ms.Rocker6 years ago
hey i see you have the fujifilm S1500, so do i! i tried to post a pic of my converse but it didnt work, oh well lol
J@50n (author)  Ms.Rocker6 years ago
 thats all right...the Fujifilm S1500's are great cameras, i just bought the Fujifilm S5000, a more Dslr styl camera (haven't got it yet, bought from amazon). i like the Fujifilms tho... 

anyway... what kind are the converse? color etc...
Ms.Rocker J@50n6 years ago
thats awesome, yea im really into photography. hope your new camera is good though lol.
well my converse are just the regular black and white ones but i also have black and white hightops, and light blue ones with 2 layers. (kinda hard to describe)  im kinda obssesed with converse haha
beneggs6 years ago
 hey realy like the lace styles i cant decide so i tried them all and kept looking for more you could also put up zipper style lacing that looks pretty cool on converse if you need a link to a site that has the style on it just ask and ill give it to you its a pretty easy lacing style just have to make sure all the laces are flat or it doesnt look good
J@50n (author)  beneggs6 years ago
 i will try to make an instructable on it, or you could.
beneggs J@50n6 years ago
 ive never realy been all that great at insturctions so you can give it a go tell me if you need any help finding any info on it
J@50n (author)  beneggs6 years ago
 ok. i will try to post it over the weekend.
DJ Radio7 years ago
1- Wow, why is my subscribe logo shown like 6 times? Seems like youtube all over again. 2- Just stopped by to say I'm not a fan of converse, No offense or anything, I had a pair once, it didn't last long.
J@50n (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
umm ok?
DJ Radio J@50n7 years ago
I just realized how awkward I sounded. Feel free to remove my comment.
you just love messing with your shoes dont you?
J@50n (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox7 years ago
pretty much. new lacing every day almost :)