• JAMESM466 commented on MadeleineDouglas's instructable How to Choose Lumber5 days ago
    How to Choose Lumber

    Great info.I can remember being a new homeowner and having to source 2x4 lumber for a rough shelving project. I was amazed to find that in a stack of generic lumber there were so many boards with twists of 30 degrees or greater, splits, voids and, in some cases BARK still on it. My brother is a contractor and never lets the lumber yard deliver--he hand picks all his dimensional lumber and trailers it himself.

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  • LED Tape - Under Cabinet Lighting - No Soldering!

    "Recreational electrocution"...you're my favorite person for today.Depending how the ceiling light is wired, you may be able to add an outlet for the power supply. Since the lights would be of occasional use, perhaps a battery would be the better source a power. 8 AA batteries (rechargable) should do it.

    I'm in the midst of a kitchen remodel and this project is on my list. Thanks for the visuals and the heads-up on the adhesive. I need to run lights on both sides of the kitchen and I have about 25' of cabinets. Hiding the wiring is going to be fun. If anyone is looking for me, I'll be up in the attic.

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  • VU Meter - LED Noise-o-Meter for Classrooms

    I worked at a school that used something like this in the cafeteria. The students worked hard to get it to light up in the "red zone". It lasted less than a month. I hope this is working better for you.

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  • Built-in Shelves Between the Studs

    An added bonus to using the "plastic wood" is that it will stand up very well in a humid environment like a bathroom. One of our showers has a window in it. When I replaced the rotten wood window with a vinyl replacement window I used the plastic trim. No more moisture worries.

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  • JAMESM466 commented on Moem's instructable Itch-B-Gone1 month ago

    I just bought a house that turned out to be a breeding ground for Asian Tiger mosquitoes. I was less than 5 minutes in the yard, with short pants, when my wife remarked that it looked like I was wearing wool socks. Those things are aggressive!! I'm going to mix up several batches of this concoction. Thanks!

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  • Fix a Broken Doorknob Latch With a Rubber Band

    Springs like these can be found at the auto parts store. They are used inside older distributors and are called Advance Weight Springs.

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  • JAMESM466 commented on seamster's instructable Restore a rusty toolbox1 month ago
    Restore a rusty toolbox

    I recently picked up a rusty old tool box at an auction for $5. After reading your Instructible it looks like I'll be painting it. Thanks!

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  • JAMESM466 commented on NightHawkInLight's instructable Cheese Ball Machine Gun1 month ago
    Cheese Ball Machine Gun

    I can see using a battery powered blower and taking this into school. My students would love it. Admin? Not so much.

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  • JAMESM466 commented on Darthorso's instructable Understanding Italian Gestures2 months ago
    Understanding Italian Gestures

    My grandparents were from Sicily. which is, itself, a world of difference from mainland Italy. I grew up in the NY/NJ area with each of these gestures and still use them. This is not necessarily a good thing, as I now live in southwest VA, where they don't do much Eye-talian. It's funny, however, how the message still comes across. It's truly universal.You might find it amusing to know that a few years ago, a local bank had a billboard campaign that featured a football (American) referee giving the "umbrella" under the caption, "It your bank giving you the wrong signals?" I was in tears the first time I saw it.

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  • How to build a Medieval Dining Room Set

    I don't know about the lazy susan. With that table length, maybe some kind of device that rolls end to end! Beautiful job. You nicely demonstrate how you don't need high-end lumber to get great results.

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  • JAMESM466 commented on luca8theworld's instructable Retro Inspired Phone Dock4 months ago
    Retro Inspired Phone Dock

    If you doubt the accuracy of the gauging on your rip fence, you can do the grooves like this:1. Set your fence at the desired, measured, cut width. Let's use 1/4" like the Instructible.2. Rip some scrap to 1/4". Cut as many pieces as you want grooves.3. Stack them side-by-side against the rip fence and set the fence for you first cut.4. After each cut, remove one scrap spacer and make your next cut.5. Repeat until done. Each groove will be exactly the same distance apart.

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  • JAMESM466 commented on djpolymath's instructable Corner Clamp Jig5 months ago
    Corner Clamp Jig

    This would also be useful for dry fitting joints for drilling and securing with screws. When joining corners I always seem to be one or two hands short. Nice job.

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  • JAMESM466 commented on Tustin High T-Tech's instructable Motorized Walker5 months ago
    Motorized Walker

    This is a wonderful idea. I was considering making something similar from a power chair base. It would be so freeing to be able to move around while standing, rather than having to keep getting up and down. I teach, and being able to do so standing up again would be empowering.

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