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  • Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!

    OK......are you aware HOO Ha that the Phillips head screw was invented by a man named Phillips to speed up automotive assembly lines? I'm pretty certain the sotted screw was not invented by a guy they called Flat head, unless of course it could've been one of your ancestors!!??

    Flat head screwdriver??? While there are round head, filister head, pan head and socket head screws that have different means to turn them, phillips and slotted being two methods, for the former one uses a phillips head and the latter uses a flat blade-----flat head screwdriver....jeesh!!!

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  • JXH7233 commented on Monoclecat's instructable Make a permanent-marker-remover!1 year ago
    Make a permanent-marker-remover!

    Wouldn't straight acetone with a small cloth or Q-tip be much easier?? Naptha works too....

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