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iceng10 days ago

Thought you might like to see a closet EDB

Jack A Lopez (author)  iceng9 days ago

Hey Iceng! Thanks for sharing.

Actually, I am still following the discussion over at,

even though I haven't commented over there, and I saw the video of your closet railing over there too, as a reply to Max's comment about a pipe with a slit so "current cannot flow".

It kind of looks like, even with a big wide slit, the magnet still falls slowly, which I guess means there are still places in the metal, on either sides of the slit, where eddy currents can form.

pkb41123 years ago
Hi Jack A Lopez,

I was recently doing some searching on electromagnets, which led me to a discussion that you were involved in on the topic of a small EMP. I saw that you were able to make a "Piezopen", and I am really interested in this idea. Do you think you could possibly make an instructable about this, or maybe just email me some more info? It seems like a pretty cool little gadget.

Jack A Lopez (author)  pkb41123 years ago
That's something I've been meaning to do anyway: write and instructable on how to make one of those things. I will see if I can get that accomplished sometime this week. If don't meet this deadline, you get the consolation prize, which is me just describing in words how I built the thing, and maybe a few pictures of the last one I have.

Most of the work on the piezo sparky pen was done a few years ago. I made a bunch of them. Some I gave away. Some got lost. And I think there's one that I still know where it is.
Jack A Lopez (author)  Jack A Lopez3 years ago
Finally, my Piezo Pen 'ible. Just published it. Here:

Bartboy5 years ago
Related to the Jackelope?
Jack A Lopez (author)  Bartboy5 years ago
I can neither confirm nor deny such a relationship. Nor would I be at liberty to discuss jackalopes, if indeed such animals did in fact exist.

Well, I'm not talking about normal Jackelopes, I'm talking about KillerJackelopes.
Jack A Lopez (author)  Bartboy5 years ago
Oh! You mean this guy, er bloke. His profile says he's a bloke.<br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> The answer is 'no', no relation. BTW looking at the "member since" fields reveals KJ joined instructables before I did, thus making him the <em>Original Jackalope</em>, or OJ, for whatever that's worth.<br /> ;-)<br />
Jack A Lopez (author) 5 years ago
Not sure where else to put this. The PDF attached to this comment is an old communique from the Barbie Liberation Organization (aka B.L.O.), an instructable written prior to the creation of the Instructables web site. It's a little piece of hardware-hack history I think is worth preserving.

Especially since many of the original hyperlinks are broken.
Reference: (broken link) ( (
barbiedir.pdf(612x792) 130 KB

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Jack A Lopez (author) 6 years ago
What's an orangeboard?