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    Kalacs (Hungarian Sweet Bread)

    Because Hungary is so close to Germany and Austria it shares many of the words, so bejgli (or beigli as I knew it) is still Hungarian. Kalacs is the sweet braided Easter bread (ex. http://www.mindmegette.hu/foszlos-fonott-kalacs.recept). The word here is from the Slavic word that sounds the same. It means wheel because the big kalacs used to be woven into a braided circle. Hungarians, like many European cultures, have borrowed many words and shared recipes with everyone else. It's what makes us so rich and diverse! Either way beigli and kalacs are two very different things BUT kalacs can also be used sometimes just to represent any sweet bread-like thing, like where a suti is a pastry a kalacs is a bready. (This can sometimes cause confusion.) But the proper kalacs, the namesake, is easter egg bread with raisins and the beigli is a roll with either poppy seed or walnut and raisins. Polish also have beigli (makowiec) (the Hungarian for poppyseed is mak--any relation in words I wonder?) as do the Russians and Ukrainians etc. So Beigli is not German it's just that it's one of the words Hungarians have borrowed. (Likewise, Germans make some dishes with the Hungarian name.) (Another thing often called Kalacs is darazs feszek which is my favourite thing ever!)

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