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  • JadinA2 commented on Go Repairs's instructable Cola Can Battery1 week ago
    Cola Can Battery

    No, drain cleaner is a strong base, typically Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH is the active ingredient. With a few changes, you could make a Nickel Iron (NiFe) cell, that is infinitely rechargable and produces around 1.2v per cell. You just need nickel and iron for the electrodes.

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  • DIY: Simple, efficient wind turbine rotor

    Not true, at higher rpm's a lower pitch is more efficient.

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  • JadinA2 commented on jmengel's instructable Arduino home energy monitor shield5 months ago
    Arduino home energy monitor shield

    I had a look at the code, it is very bloated, I would suggest you use the emonlib from open energy monitor and instantiate a single object per analog pin you want to monitor. The way to do it in the code provided in the instructable would be to change the following lines:#define NUM_CTS 1#define MAX_CTS 1AND THEN you will need to trace down all the arrays that jmengel declares, and only add a single element to them. It's a very inelegant way to do things though.

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