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koolcoasterkid10 months ago
Hey! It's nick :)
Jag56 (author)  koolcoasterkid9 months ago
Hi! Sorry for the late reply lol.
dr. richtofen11 months ago
Thanks for subscribing =D
Jag56 (author)  dr. richtofen11 months ago
You're welcome! I expect to see some awesome RCT3 stuff! :D
I'll try to get a recording program or so, to record my stuff, even though I haven't played the game in a while :/
~KGB~11 months ago
Thanks for subbin! :-)
Jag56 (author)  ~KGB~11 months ago
you're welcome!
~KGB~ Jag5611 months ago
Sorunome11 months ago
lol, thanks for subscribing :P
Did shadowman make you? ^^
Jag56 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
No I watched Catastropha and it was awesome. I thought I was already subbed to you so that's why I was so late. :P
Sorunome Jag5611 months ago
Oh, lol :P
Sorunome Sorunome11 months ago
also, you are my 120th subscriber :D
Jag56 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
Haha that's cool
Thanks for subbing!
Jag56 (author)  sandroknexmaster1 year ago
You're welcome! I'll love to see your next ball machine on my following list!