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  • Jaice33 commented on Akin Yildiz's instructable indoor tomato grower1 year ago
    indoor tomato grower

    Merhaba Akin Bey, I have been reading a number of your posts with great interest and just love them. I am an Irishman living in Latvia since 1992, where I have bought myself a large plot of land some 2 years back (12,5 hectares). I have spent the last 2 years dreaming of the house I want to build there out of the old 1920 barn with 80cm walls, and how I can live off the grid growing many of my own fruits and vegetables year round.The more I read your posts and those of everyone else on your instructables the more ideas I am getting :)Keep up the good work :)PS: I have a friend in Istanbul who is a namesake of yours called....believe it or not..... Akin Yildiz :)

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