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  • JaisonD1 commented on CoolRextreme's instructable DIY Electric Longboard [FOR SALE!]2 years ago
    DIY Electric Longboard [FOR SALE!]

    No, you don't. All you need is an ESC that also has regenerative braking, and it's as easy as that. No additional wiring or electronics are needed. The motor simply feeds power back into the ESC which in turn feeds the power into the battery.

    It's actually quite simple. What you want is regenerative braking, and in order to add it to your build, you simply buy a speed controller that supports regenerative braking.

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  • JaisonD1 commented on PracticalProjects's instructable DIY Electric Skateboard2 years ago
    DIY Electric Skateboard

    You can purchase speed controllers that have regenerative braking built in, which will charge the battery.

    You could buy batteries with a lower c (discharge) rating like 20c which would lower your top speed and then purchase batteries that have a higher amp capacity.

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