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  • How to Fix a Totaled Car for a fraction of the "Estimate".

    Hello I have an Audi A6 2005 and I hit a deer on my way to work and it only messed up my side door and mirror and side window the insurance sent me to the Audis dealership shop! And the insurance paid for my rental! For a month now I haven't had my car and they finally called me to pick it up today and when I go there telling me it doesn't want to turn on. I told them that my car never had mechanical problems and they said they didn't have anything to do with that but they did change a few wires in my car that needed it supposedly my question is why are they even messing with my wires or telling me I need a oil change etc if all I did was sent the car to get the door and window and mirror fixed the guy said he spent $400 out of his pocket because he had messed something up which I think he jus messed up the car! Now there saying I have to pay for them messing it up basically because it's not turning on I didn't sign no paper work stating that I told them to tell me if I'm missing anything in my car or to touch any parts of those! They never called me to tell me what was wrong with my car! I'm so fed up it's not fair that I haven't seem my car over a month and when I get it back it doesn't wanna turn on when I drove it to them all beat up and it drives perfectly fine!!! I want it back the same way I took it to them! Can someone please help me out here! Thank you!

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