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  • Piezoelectric Shoes: Charge Your Mobile Device By Walking!

    was it really able to charge your battery pack? Were the voltage and current enough? I'm trying to do the same project but I can't charge my powerbank with a 5v, 1a requirement. My piezosystem produces an average of 12volts. The piezosystem is made of 6 piezos in parallel. I tried connecting it to an L7805 ic to get 5v and 1a current but to no avail. Still doesn't work. Really Need help for a school project. A reply asap will be much appreciated

    I've tried directly wiring the rectified piezosystem to a rechargeable battery pack, and damn it broke my batteries. For the battery pack, I made it myself. I got two 3.7v phone batteries connected in series. How do you not destroy your batteries and charge them?

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  • JamesC_1700 commented on sooraj619's instructable 5v Regulator7 months ago
    5v Regulator

    how can you tweak this cicruit in order to produce lesser current. I need 5v and 400 ma output. Should I get another capacitor with different capcitance, if so what?

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  • Electricity Generating Footwear - Generate Electricity By Walking (Concept)

    did it really charge the power bank's battery? i doubt it...I'm trying to do a similar project

    This is not your original idea. Just saying

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