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  • JamesG227 commented on egreen767's instructable Carbonating: The Cheap and Easy Way1 year ago
    Carbonating: The Cheap and Easy Way

    You will get better results with carbonation if the brink being carbonated is well chilled. The colder the liquid, the more CO2 will go into solution. Consider inserting a valve in the hose, instead of pinching. This will increase the cost a few dollars, but make things easier when you clean up.

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  • JamesG227 commented on degroof's instructable CO2 Generator 1 year ago
    CO2 Generator

    I have been thinking about carbonating drinks... the hardware is exactly what I was thinking, however, instead of using yeast, sugar and water, use white vinegar (very cheap and a baking soda. All you need is about 40 pounds of pressure, which can be achieved easily enough with a half bottle of vinegar and around 1/2 tsp soda. Everything would be much faster, so I recommend a quick connect on the reaction bottle.

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