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  • JamesP304 commented on marcus2015's instructable Make your own lye1 year ago
    Make your own lye

    As a kid, I remember using Castille soap. Peculiar smell. You haven't gotten squeaky clean till you scrub your face with Lava soap. In the 60's when nice smelling soaps arrived, I remember the bars being much larger so they seemed to last longer. Now, I'm lucky to get a weeks worth of clean from the smaller bars. I enjoy the homemade soap bars friends give us and consider them a real treat. Soap making is not easy and can take a lot of time to make just 12 bars. Wouldn't you rather have something made with love, than something from China that contains who knows what?

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  • JamesP304 commented on MadScienceHacks's instructable $2 vacuum sealer Life hack1 year ago
    $2 vacuum sealer Life hack

    Hey, I use a brake bleeder tool from Harbor Freight Tools. I believe I get a better vacuum seal with it, then can be gotten from a syringe. I use it with plastic bags and mason jars. Just a couple of pumps of the handle and it's vacuumed out.

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