• JamieR10 commented on Dipankar's instructable GUIDE TO LED PROJECTS2 months ago

    Been running three 1 watt (cool white) bulbs in series for six hours straight with two dry cell D batteries using a diy joule thief circuit and they are still about as bright (full brightness) as they were 6 hours ago, plus they are barely warm without a heat sink. You can make your own joule thief circuit for an extremely low cost, but I got most of my parts from an old computer power supply; I'm totally amazed! Ran these for a few hours using two generic non alkaline dry cell AA batteries, although it wasn't quite as bright as with the Ds, but still very usable! Gonna be experimenting with 10 watt units soon. Bet I get a few hours out of them once I modify the circuit. You could probably get many days of good light from a car battery, but only with this device. Not really sure how long the two Ds will last since this is my first experiment using these bulbs, but I'm impressed with six hours and counting!

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