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  • Jancy commented on ehawkins's instructable Grandma Hawkins' Poor Man's Cake7 months ago
    Grandma Hawkins' Poor Man's Cake

    My grandma used to make a poorman's bread using diced chedder cheese, palminto's, olives, and diced ham... never measured just eye balled it and it was just the best. I'm gonna try this.

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  • Jancy commented on tlp801's instructable Trash-Vac!!9 months ago

    This is crazy funny! I went low tech years ago by just drilling several holes along the same side of the can close to top and close to bottom and let mother nature push the air out as garbage is added. ! As long as nobody designs a computer sensor telling me when to take the garbage out I'm OK with leaving the glorious trash can alone.

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  • Jancy commented on fiberartsy's instructable DIY Bath Bomb Fizzies1 year ago
    DIY Bath Bomb Fizzies

    I made this using men's cologne for my son's bathroom. Just be careful adding it in! I found that adding the fragrance first to the salts and letting them "dry out" for a day helped the process.

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