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  • JaneH81 commented on MarshalUhls's instructable Halloween Flyer2 months ago
    Halloween Flyer

    Cute owl! Thanks for your post! Unfortunately I am not familiar with Photoshop, hope one day to learn it. Instead, every time I need flyers I just print them down ( happily there are many templates online ). By the way, here are some good Halloween flyers available https://styleflyers.com/product-category/premium-flyers/seasonal ( very good conditions of membership ).

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  • JaneH81 commented on tomward's instructable Flashlight Business Card2 months ago
    Flashlight Business Card

    Never suspected it is possible to do by yourself! I used to order both business cards and flyers ( I use special templates https://styleflyers.com/product-category/premium-flyers/business ), gotta bookmark your post, thanks!! Hard not to agree with you, that business card is very important for self promoting.

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