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    I Made a Toilet Tank Sink!

    Actually, the fresh water should never touch the inside of the tank. If you look at you float valve in your tank theres a small plastic tube coming from it and clips on to the overflow tube. This water is as clean as what comes out of your tap. In this instructable the designer runs the tube to the faucet. Then it looks like waste water then drains to the tank. Its not clear if the waste water goes into the tank or into the overflow tube. Being that plumbing was my trade for a number of years, i would think it would need to drain to the overflow tube. This is what fills the bowl back up. The tank will fill from the small holes at the bottom the float valve. It appears that when you flush the toilet the faucet will automatically run when the float valve is opened giving you just enough time to quickly wash your hands as the tank refills. Hats off to the creator on the design and craftsmanship. Very nice instructable!

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