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  • JasonM149 commented on clasof56's instructable Firewood rack using no tools1 year ago
    Firewood rack using no tools

    Yeah, I filled the holes with stones so the 2x4's would have less give when there wouldn't be a lot of wood stacked on top. Also, this stacks probably about 1.2 chords of wood, when doing a diaganal cut.. My picture, no on this post, but another, is a whole chord.

    What lies across the bottom are not 2x4's. They are landscaping timbers. They are cheaper than (for me they were) or really close to the same price, but much more sturdy. If you use a 2x4, I would not trust it.

    Super easy and quick. After I put the 2x4's in I also put stones all around them . Thanks. You saved me hours.

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