• How to build your very own Cornhole Game Set.  (Also called Throwing Bags or The Beanbag Game)

    Love the idea for the legs. I never thought of this. For those who are new at DIY wood working, at Lowes and Home Depot you can get a 4 x 8 sheet of ply wood and have them cut it into four 2 x 4s if you are making 2 sets. First cut is free, second and third (if needed) are usually 50 cents or a dollar. This will cut the price almost in half for the ply which is usually the most expensive piece to this project. Another option is getting a "paintable" sheet of wood which is typically thinner than 1/2" plywood but it will be much easier to work with and it will be super smooth without the time and hassle of sanding. And its usually cheaper. If you go this route, take some 2 x 4 scraps and build a "T" underneath from just below the hole to the bottom 2 x 4. Doing this will add support and also prevent that dreaded bounce. Not to mention it will make for a better playing surface because its perfectly smooth before adding your paint. This would not work if you plan to stain it.

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