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  • Sardauscan Sub-30$ Opensource 3d Laser Scanner

    Hi Sardau,I have built your 3d scanner and have gotten decent scans and calibrations but I'm having a problem with the scanned image looking like someone is grabbing the top of the model and pulling up, creating an almost cone shape of the scan plate and making the model have a kind of upward curve to it. I have tried playing with the numbers in the build dimensions but I can't seem to find the cause. Any help would be great.

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  • JasonT130 commented on Sardau's instructable Build a 30$ laser Scanner1 year ago
    Build a 30$ laser Scanner

    ok thanks, I think I got that part fixed. Now I'm having an issue with the laser picking up things in the background. Is there a way to limit where the laser light ends at the top of the model, or to tell the program to ignore anything above/beyond the scanner plate?

    I am having an issue with the build dimensions. I guess I'm not understanding how to find those measurements like the angles of the 4 lasers, and X,Y,Z axis. I did rough measurements of the bed height and distance from center of bed to where the camera sits(LifeCam HD5001) but my test scans are all over the place. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I searched back quite a ways and didn't see anything that would help me.

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  • JasonT130 followed 3D Printing, Robots, Lasers, LEDs and 6 others channel 1 year ago